About us

Who we are

The Bolsa do Voluntariado was launched by ENTRAJUDA in 2006. It is an innovative project, nationwide, without borders, transversal to the entire society and economy that encourages the exercise of Citizenship and Social Responsibility.

It aims to serve as a meeting point between the demand and offer of voluntary work and allow, from a dynamic perspective, to articulate the need for voluntary work by area with the availability to provide it on the part of people and entities.

The Bolsa promotes a virtual volunteering “market”, streamlines the meeting of needs and desires. It is an online management and development tool in real time, which takes advantage of volunteer qualifications and enables organizations to be trained.

Volunteer Guide

The dynamization of the development process and the qualification of volunteering led to the creation of the National Council for the Promotion of Volunteering, CNPV. For this purpose, this Guide was created, which seeks to identify how volunteers can act in their relationship with target groups, other volunteers, professionals, promoting organizations and society in general.

How to implement Corporate Volunteering Projects

Corporate volunteering works as a major sponsor of the exercise of organizational and social citizenship, including personal volunteers. In the process of creating a volunteering project, employees and/or citizens linked to the company can be directly involved, such as former employees, retirees, family members.